Ammar Mango

Bio: I am an Organizational Consultant / Coach and I use that as a platform for learning beyond just work. My passion is learning more about self, people, universe, and God. I am into Religion, Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi. I love learning about human behavior and motivation. I am a gourmand who loves healthy food. I jog and swim whenever I get a chance. Please write and tell me about yourself Welcome to my blog Ammar

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  1. Hi Ammar

    I really like your website and your YouTube video about CDMs. I have the challenge of trying to manage a narcissist at work. The main difficultly is that the person constantly makes up excuses (lies) about why he cannot follow my instructions.

    Unfortunately, I live in a country where it isn’t easy to fire staff.
    I have just started looking on the internet for help with this challenge and I was hoping you might be able to direct me to relevant content on the subject – such as the books you suggested.

    Thank you for posting your content and helping others.

    • Hi Rick, I can relate. I have been in what seems like a similar situation. I believe theses guys can be dangerous to have around. Once someone lies, they lose credibility. If you cannot fire him, try to neutralize him, without picking a fight. Do not make him feel you have a problem with him. Make sure others are onto him too. Make sure others see thi lies without making it look like you have something personal against him. Put him in a role where he will get bored and leave. Put him with someone who will not take his lies, and strong enough to handle him, then he might just leave. Look at your options strategically and tactically. Good luck.

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