“Difficult” is in the eye of the beholder!

Difficult people are out there, and we are part of them.  People are difficult the most when we do not understand them; their background, needs, motives, and behaviour.  Once we are clear on what makes a difficult person, they become much less difficult.  This does not make us necessarily accept them, but it helps us deal with them in a way that helps us maintain our sanity and mental health.

Part of working as a consultant is to deal with many people, including customers, employees of customers, your team, your company owner, and everybody else.  This makes it a must to dedicate time to understand people.  After more than twenty years of consulting I cannot say that I understand it all now when it comes to dealing with people.  However, I have been seeking learning in this area all through my career.  The more I learn the more I am amazed and intrigued by the richness of the human experience.  There is so much more to learn and more great discoveries to be made about ourselves, others, and the intricate and mystical relationship between us and the whole universe.

Come along with me on this journey of discovery on how to deal with difficult people and help me learn more.


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